Game-Themed Classroom

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Provided by Kristina Schnack Kotlus, 

There’s a new game-themed classroom in Bristow!

Charlene Manning of Bristow Run Elementary School ensures that her students benefit from a creative and engaging learning environment.  Manning, with help from parent volunteer Stacey Powers, created a board-gamed themed classroom this year complete with CandyLand reading area, Scrabble math games, and Chutes and Ladders.

“I looped with my third graders to fourth grade, and I wanted to give the class a new theme…something that incorporated teamwork and a growth mindset,” said Manning, “Board games seemed like a perfect fit.”

Bristow Run Elementary, board games

Photo Credit: Andrea Gunter Photography

When asked why she went so far to engage her class and even spent money out of pocket, Manning responded that her students are her inspiration.  “They are smart, hardworking, and needed a challenge so I needed to offer them that. Flexible seating and a new theme would offer them a new class for growing minds.” Manning hopes that her effort will pay off as her students learn from the game mindset.

“You don’t always win, but you learn more logic to play it again the next time better. Or you understand the luck involved and play the best strategy you can even if luck isn’t on your side. There is so much to learn from communications skills to good sportsmanship to growing your brain.” Manning noted.

No matter how they play the game, it seems like Manning’s fourth grade class has already won with a teacher willing to put in the extra effort to make her students enjoy coming to school each day.



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