Gamers are Having Some Serious Fun

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By Helena Tavares Kennedy

Sponsored by Tech Time Gaming

Gamers are being taken more seriously lately, thanks in part to the recognition that it can be a competitive sport, much like chess tournaments and soccer games. Some colleges around the country are even offering esports scholarships to teens who are exceptional at gaming – which can come in handy for a variety of future careers including cybersecurity, coding, software development and more. Some parents hire coaches for their kids to get better at games competitively and gyms are offering targeted workouts for gamer’s stamina, according to Tech Time Gaming Owner and President Steve Theobald.

“More people in the world are involved in esports – bigger than the World Cup or World Series,” said Theobald. “These gamers live together and train together. The championships are broadcast on networks like ESPN and Disney XD. Gaming is actually pretty serious stuff to many people out there. Even colleges and universities are now giving scholarships for esport champions and gaming experts.”

The shift in perception about gaming is even extending to parents. “Some parents are even hiring gaming experts to teach their kids how to play better so they can get these college scholarships for their gaming skills,” said Theobald.

“We host combines and esports championships here,” says Theobald. For example, on May 18, Tech Time will host the Alliance Gaming League Apex Legends championship. Alliance Gaming League, like other esports organizations, works to identify players with talent and recruits them to join teams. Outside of tournament events, players at centers like Tech Time can have their play data automatically analyzed by college and professional esports recruiters, and if the recruiters are interested, they will contact the players by email.

Tech Time Gaming Lounge in Woodbridge offers a high-tech place where gamers of all ages can come to play from a huge selection of games with each other in a modern, clean space. Featuring 65 PC and console gaming stations, Tech Gaming offers a sleek, high-tech environment welcoming to both serious and casual gamers, at a very affordable price.

So whether you are a gamer looking to just have fun playing your favorite games or hang out with fellow gamer friends, or if you are a serious gamer looking to practice until you get perfect at a game, Tech Time Gaming Lounge is a great place to visit.

Tech Time Gaming is a sleek, modern, clean and welcoming space that caters to casual and serious gamers alike and is conveniently located just off Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge. Our staff includes friendly and knowledgeable gaming enthusiasts. We partnered with E-Blue, a leading Hong Kong-based maker of gaming gear and owner of LAN centers, to bring you a state-of-the-art environment for esports. For more information, go to or look them up on Facebook or Twitter.



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