General Assembly Sends Anderson Bills to Governor

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Provided by Del. Richard Anderson’s Office

Del. Richard Anderson

In the final week of the 2017 legislative session of the Virginia General Assembly, the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia have approved 10 bills patroned by Del. Rich Anderson (R-Prince William). They are now enroute to the desk of Governor Terry McAuliffe for action.

Details are available at the Legislative Information Systems (LIS) website at The 10 bills include the following:

HB 1716, Extension of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Commission: This bill extends the life of this important statewide body to July 1, 2020 and is vital to the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other related disorders. This statewide commission is chaired by PWC Department of Social Services director Courtney Tierney and is a key state agency for the development of policy proposals on the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

HB 1718, Extension of the Virginia Commission on Civics Education:  This bill extends the life of this important statewide body to July 1, 2019 and educates students on their civic duty in a constitutional republic. Del. Anderson chairs this commission, which also hosts the annual Virginia Civics Summit, an annual gathering at the Virginia State Capitol by civics, history, and social studies teachers from public schools across Virginia.

HB 1719, Wireless E-911 Fund:  This bill extends the date (to July 1, 2018) when calculations are made on the distribution of funds to local 9-1-1 agencies. It is critical to Virginia’s 21st century 911 emergency system and ensures that local 911 functions are funded at required levels.

HB 1720, Flags at Half-Staff:  This bill specifies that flags on local government buildings must be lowered to half-staff to match the policy for state government buildings whenever military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue personnel are killed in the line of duty. The bill arose from statewide confusion that resulted in the aftermath of the killing of Prince William County Police Officer Ashley Guindon in early 2016. It is intended to clarify the policy so that line-of-duty deaths are appropriately honored and recognized by all local governments in Virginia.

HB 1721, Reduced Tuition for Active Duty Military Students: This bill permits the Virginia Community College System to charge slightly reduced rates for active duty students who are pursuing degrees related to their military skills. The bill was requested by Northern Virginia Community College and is supported by the military services, particularly in the area of cybersecurity.

HB 1738, “Tax Exemption for Aviation Parts, Engines, and Supplies: This bill will provide a tax exemption for parts installed on airplanes in Virginia aircraft maintenance facilities.  This will attract large numbers of aircraft maintenance facilities to Virginia that are currently based in states surrounding Virginia, double the state’s $1.05 billion aviation industry and its 17,500 jobs, and significantly expand capital investment in Virginia. These conclusions were reached by an extensive study conducted by Price Waterhouse, long recognized as the world’s premier accounting firm. Anderson carried the bill in his capacity as chairman of the Virginia General Assembly Aviation Caucus.

HB 1761, “Taxicab Technology Transformation Act of 2017: This bill modernizes statewide taxicab technology by permitting operators to retrofit their fleets with modern GPS technologies that replace old electromechanical devices used to compute fares. This aligns current taxicab technology with that now employed by Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft.

HB 1913, Cigarette Trafficking: Del. Anderson, a member of the Virginia State Crime Commission, carried this bill to end at long last the felony crime of cigarette trafficking across state lines. Currently, Virginia loses $10M each year from the state treasury, and HB 1913 will return this amount to taxpayer pockets, while concurrently taking criminals off the streets as a result of heightened penalties in the bill.

HB 2302, Duties of the Virginia Board of Veterans Services (BVS): This bill streamlines the BVS process on behalf of 800,000 Virginia veterans, better aligns the policy process, and speeds the decision-making process by this military and veteran body. Anderson sits as a legislative member of the BVS.

HB 2425, The Virginians with Disabilities Employment Act of 2017: This bill will provide greater opportunities for Virginians with disabilities to obtain employment with Virginia state government. It requires the Secretary of the Commonwealth to survey state agencies for the number of disabled employees in each agency in order to set a baseline number for measuring progress. It also sets an aspirational goal that 5% of all state employees will be Virginians with disabilities.


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