Get Your Green on this Spring

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house of mercy

Provided by House of Mercy

From March 1 to Earth Day (April 22), House of Mercy Food Pantry and Thrift Store is encouraging the community to wear green. When people think of wearing green in March, their first thought is usually the color in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This year, House of Mercy wants to celebrate going green by being conscious of our impact on the environment through wearing second-hand clothing.

On average, over three million tons of clothing are incinerated and a staggering 10 million tons are sent to
landfills each year. That’s nearly six times the amount that is recycled or repurposed! To help bridge this gap, House of Mercy is encouraging members of the community to buy their clothing second hand by
providing an additional punch on your House of Mercy rewards card (a $10.00 value) when you use a reusable bag at checkout. They’ll be selling House of Mercy 15th anniversary reusable bags for $1.00 and will include an additional punch on your House of Mercy rewards card. And while you’re thrifting for new styles, you can bring any of your old clothes to House of Mercy’s donation center to be reused or recycled!

All proceeds from House of Mercy’s thrift store go towards maintaining and operating our food pantry.
House of Mercy is 100% zero waste and recycles all clothing that they are not able to give away or sell. If
you have any questions about their ministry, newly renovated space, making a donation or volunteering
questions, please contact Jessica Root or Ryan Walker at 703-659-1636.

Shopping for clothing and accessories at House of Mercy is easy on the wallet and directly helps the local community at the same time! So, Get Your Green On this Spring and do your part in helping both the environment and your neighbor.


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