Gilding and LEDs: A Modern Romance

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Provided by DRS and Associates

The Timeless Appeal of Gold Leaf Meets the Latest in Lighting Technology

Gold leafing has been around for thousands of years, yet designers are still finding creative ways to use it. The artistic desire to create something new has resulted in an unexpected marriage: gold leaf and LED lighting. These designs from Corbett Lighting show what is possible when you combine a classic finish with modern technology.


  • Blurs the line between abstract, sculptural art and practical illumination
  • Interconnecting cubes of handcrafted iron surround the high-powered LED light source
  • Suspended by aircraft cables, Metropolis appears to float in midair
  • Finished in gold leaf and available in four pendant options of differing sizes, as an ADA-compliant sconce or as a semi-flush


  • Features handblown glass offered in round, almond or tapered shapes
  • Tubular diffuser spreads warm light from its LED light source evenly throughout the glass
  • Pierced by an elongated stem featuring a gold leaf finish and stainless steel accents, and complemented by a straw glass shade
  • Works beautifully on its own or showcases an entirely different aesthetic when grouped together
  • Available in two variations: smoked glass with a silver graphite leaf finish or straw glass with gold leaf


  • An ode to mid-century Italian design
  • Horizontal spokes support alternating clear glass and hand-finished gold leaf iron rods
  • Calibrated LED lighting gracefully illuminates, casting light upwards and downwards
  • Offered in three pendant sizes, two semi-flush fixtures and two coordinating sconce options


  • Channels its namesake: a fine, lustrous silk with a crisp feel
  • Curves of handcrafted iron add alluring appeal
  • Features an alternating hand-applied gold leaf and modern silver leaf finish
  • This undulating, mixed metal LED sconce comes in two sizes and is ADA-compliant

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