Glenkirk’s Got Talent!

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By Marianne Weaver

Glenkirk Elementary School students wowed an auditorium full of friends, family and teachers with a wide array of acts Tuesday, March 29 at the school’s third annual talent show, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The third-, fourth- and fifth-graders entertained the crowd with acting and cup stacking skills, as well as many musical talents.

“It is such a thrill to see these students conquer their nerves, stretch themselves, and come alive on stage,” said co-director Samantha Fulda, who shared the job with music teacher Shelly Reagan. “The performing arts are so valuable to our society, and nurturing the talent of these children helps keep those arts alive.”

Jessica Ellis, fifth grade, is a talent show veteran who partnered this year with Abby Boursiquot to sing “Scars to Your Beautiful.”

“The most fun part was expressing my feelings and having fun with my friends,” she said.

Another pair of girls, Elodie Brox and Sara Faraj, expressed themselves through music by dancing and interpreting “Fight Song.”

“We worked on this all summer,” said Brox, who is in fourth grade. “We made up our own choreography.”

Some performers were beginners, while others have honed their skills for years. Four pianists with varying years of instruction showed off their skills during a mini-recital: Madilyn Silvis played “Lavender’s Blue” and Lauren Flohrs played “We are the World.” Arianna Williams demonstrated different styles of music with “Sweet Melody” and “A Minuet for Mr. Bach’s Children.” Kasen Chunn wowed the audience by playing “Hero Variations” from memory. Violinists Yeju Kim and Lauren McCall also performed.

In his third talent show appearance, Alex Fulda captivated the audience as the Polynesian demigod Maui, complete with a crazy wig and kukui nut necklace, signing “You’re Welcome.” Other signers entertained the crowd with a variety of inspirational songs, including “Count on Me” by Shaunak Kasa, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Hailey Brown and Iliana and Juliet Megel, and “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Carmen Eidson. Meredith Dumais said she chose to sing “Skyscraper” as a statement about the negative effects of bullying. Fifth grader Patrick Anderson dedicated his final Glenkirk performance of “Fireflies” to his mother, Beth Anderson, Glenkirk’s counselor.

“The Glenkirk Talent Show is something I look forward to being a part of every year!” said Master of Ceremonies/art teacher Courtney Forget. “I love to MC because it’s always fun to help energize the crowd, but my favorite part is helping the performers overcome their nervous energy.  It’s so rewarding encouraging students throughout the process, and giving them last minute pep talks.  When the students walk across the stage, and do their best, I’m always thrilled for them!”

Forget noted that Glenkirk boasts a diverse student body, with students speaking 36 languages. Two acts drew upon their heritage for their acts: Fourth grader Anna Weaver performed a traditional Irish Slip Jig; brothers Richard and Renold Thomas brought Bollywood to Glenkirk with Rockaankuthu.

But not all acts fell into the “traditional” category. The audience was mesmerized by fifth grader Anthony Decastro’s cup stacking skills to the tune “Happy.” He said he first saw the act on YouTube, then spent three years perfecting his technique.

“I was nervous,” he said. “But I would do it again!”

The entire Glenkirk student body was treated to an encore performance Wednesday afternoon.


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