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June is a fun month, and it officially launches summer on its 21st day. Pools are open, and the water is almost warm enough to swim in without getting hypothermia. We celebrate dads with Father’s Day. And high school seniors graduate and celebrate with family and friends. In our area, thousands of young people will graduate from high school and contemplate their next life choices. Some will attend college. Some will join the military. Others will work full-time, and some may take a gap year. Whatever their
decisions are, if our future is in the hands of graduates like this year’s extraordinary teens, then we are in good hands. In our cover story, “Extraordinary Teens” by Marianne Weaver, you will meet
10 young people who will inspire you with their academic and community success.

Anyone who grew up in the country knows what 4-H is. But, what have you learned about the organization recently and how it is helping minors to develop life skills? In our Lifelong Learning section, writer Helena Tavares Kennedy immerses you in 4-H beyond farming and animal science. Read “4-H –
Helping Heads, Hearts, Hands and Health” to see how this organization is changing the lives of children.

My mother baked and decorated cakes professionally, so my relationship with sugar started early. Dessert is still my favorite part of the meal. So, imagine my delight when we decided to profile places where you can satisfy your sweet tooth. This month’s Local Flavor writer Peter Lineberry profiles four local dessert places in “In Western PWC, Just Desserts.”

This month’s Giving Back by Olivia Overman showcases a cause near and dear to our hearts at Prince William Living magazine. “Giving Back Prince William: The Name Says It All” expands on our publisher’s desire to give back to the community where she grew up. Learn more about Rebecca Barnes, her nonprofit and what it does in the community.

As my daughter and thousands of other seniors graduate this month, know that the world is your oyster. Go discover it and leave it better than you found it. You are our future. We’re counting on you. And, while you’re out changing the world, have fun, too. It’s one of the last phases in life where you are
allowed some leeway to act “young, dumb and broke” as Khalid sings it. Just be smart about that, too.
Kim Howard, CAE
Editor in Chief


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