Good Shepherd Housing Foundation’s 2019 H.O.P.E. Campaign

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Provided by Good Shepherd Housing Foundation

This year, 2019, is the 30th anniversary of the foundation. It’s the perfect occasion to raise awareness about the urgent need for affordable rental housing solutions. Our programs are dedicated to local workers, low to moderate income families and individuals struggling with mental illness. The people we serve come from many different backgrounds but they all have something in common: They can’t afford to live in a decent home or apartment in Prince William County or Northern Virginia.

We’re reaching out to our local community to help us spread the word and to assist us in our efforts to develop future programs for more people in need.

Our calendar of fundraisers starts with a Feel Good event dedicated to wellness with MyBodYoga Studio in Woodbridge. We chose relaxing activities to raise awareness and funds. Housing means wellbeing and stability, gentle yoga and meditations bring comparable benefits.

Join us May 25 for MyBodYoga class series (2:00 to 5.30 p. m.). The event will feature a series of Initiation classes that you can choose from (and you can choose them all for the same price):

  • Gentle Yoga, Guided Meditation, Singing Bowls & Reiki and Stress Management Workshop.

One hundred percent of your entry will be given to the GOOD SHEPHERD HOUSING FOUNDATION, a non-profit that ends homelessness for low income families and people in need of mental health housing and services. 

Tickets/Entries can be reserved through EventBrite, or MyBodYoga or here. /Pre-sale Entry: $30. Regular entry (at the door): $35

For Schedule, Parking and Program Information call MyBodYoga: 703.494.9642.


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