“Got Bins” Celebrates First Year in Prince William Area

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Provided by Remarkably Clean Bins


Remarkably Clean Bins started cleaning their first bins on October 12, 2015. Our service provides bin cleaning for trash and recycle bins in Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun County. We service both commercial dumpsters and residential trash and recycle bins. Although our idea is not original and is actually very common in Europe, we have the exclusive rights to offer these services in Northern Virginia. The interest in our service has been amazing. Customers, who are initially skeptical, are amazed by the cleaning process as well as the final results.

Our cleaning truck ensures our cleaning process is environmentally friendly and uses only high temperature water and bio-degradable cleaning solutions to kill bacteria and other diseases. In addition, the “dirty water” is then captured in a holding tank and then properly disposed of. Remarkably Clean Bins goes the extra step to keep our storm drains and water system safe per the VA State and local county code ordinances.

Our service is offered monthly, quarterly or annually. Remarkably clean bins has also expanded its service to include power washing. Rates for the bin cleaning services are available on our website. Call the office for power washing free estimates.

Remarkably Clean Bins believes in always giving back. On September 25, we participated in the Freedom Center’s Discovery Junction – Touch a Truck. Over 3000 children attended and were able to sit in, touch and ask questions about the various types of trucks at the event. We also have donated our time and supplies to clean the bins at Haymarket’s Serve Our Willing Warriors Retreat and the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry.

For more information, go to rcleanbins.com or call 571-261-1258.



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