Got E-ZPass? Just Fund It, Link It, Mount It, and Get Going on the 66 Express!

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Provided by I-66 Express Mobility Partners 

No E-ZPass account yet? You’re missing out on the easiest, fastest way to pay tolls on the 66 Express Outside the Beltway.

It just so happens that setting up an E-ZPass account and positioning it to work properly is, well, easy. All you need to do is Fund It, Link It, Mount It!

Fund It: Avoid missed tolls, mailed invoices, and possible administrative fees. Always have sufficient funds in your E-ZPass Prepaid Account – and remember to keep it funded! Whenever funds get low, make sure to replenish your account yourself – or do it automatically using the Auto-Replenish feature with a checking account or credit card.

Link It: To use your E-ZPass properly, provide your license plate number to associate with your E-ZPass account. That allows the 66 Express to charge your account via license plate in the event your E-ZPass transponder is unreadable due to weather factors, vehicle modifications, or another unforeseen causes. Another great way to avoid missed tolls and extra fees.

Mount It: The E-ZPass transponder is intended to be mounted close to the top of the windshield near the rear-view mirror. Please don’t leave it loose on the dashboard, in the glove compartment, near the steering wheel, or at the bottom or on the side of the windshield. There are no tools required to mount the transponder. When you first purchase an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex transponder, two adhesive strips are provided for proper mounting and display. Just follow the included instructions to remove the strips and expose the Velcro® and stick it on.

Need a little visual aid? See VDOT’s video on how to fund, link, and mount your E-ZPass on YouTube.

How To Configure E-ZPass Flex for HOV3+

So that’s how to set up your E-ZPass to easily, quickly, automatically pay tolls. But what if you’re driving a carpool and qualify for toll-free travel on the 66 Express by being HOV3+? Then there’s just one more step:

Flip it: Are you HOV3+? Don’t forget to flip your Flex! To enjoy a toll-free HOV3+ trip, your vehicle must be equipped with an E-ZPass Flex transponder, not a standard E-ZPass transponder – and it must be flipped to “HOV On” mode.

Here’s how to be HOV3+ and ride the 66 Express for free:

  1. Carry three (3) or more passengers in a non-commercial vehicle
  2. Drive a non-commercial vehicle less than 18 feet long and seven (7) feet tall, with no more than two (2) axles
  3. Flip your properly mounted E-ZPass Flex transponder “HOV On”

What if you don’t have three or more people on a trip? It’s important to remember to switch your E-ZPass Flex transponder to “HOV Off” mode. VDOT considers using an E-ZPass Flex in “HOV On” mode while transporting fewer than three people to be a misuse of the transponder and may result in charges for the toll in effect at the time of the misuse. You might also be subject to roadside legal enforcement, resulting in possible administrative fees, court penalties, and fines. HOV3+ violations cost you more in the long run, and they harm other toll-paying drivers.

The best way to take advantage of the reliable, predictable, consistent travel option that is the 66 Express Outside the Beltway? Be sure to use E-ZPass and Fund It, Link It, Mount It!


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