Groundbreaking for New Fire Station to Replace Older Facility

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Provided by Prince William County

Groundbreaking ceremony for Coles District Fire Station

There will soon be a new, old, fire station in the county. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new Coles District Fire Station, which will replace the current fire station, was recently held at the site, 13712 Dumfries Road.

The new 21,400-square-foot station will house an engine, heavy rescue, a tanker, a basic life support ambulance, hazardous material response units and a brush truck. The existing station is 18,500 square feet and was built in 1979. It will be razed at the completion and occupation of the new building.

Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony and said the old building has run its course and the new one will better serve the community. “Today’s the day we begin the next phase of making mid-county area, and really all of Prince William County, a safer place for our residents and a safer place for our community… Building a new larger, more modern building that can serve more staff, can utilize more equipment, can respond to emergencies more quickly and more efficiently, is key to staying a great community as we continue to be a growing community.”

The county’s Department of Fire and Rescue Chief, Kevin McGee, also spoke at the groundbreaking and said the new station will be energy efficient and cost efficient to operate and maintain. The new building will also allow fire and rescue personnel to work more effectively by shortening response times, McGee said. “This station is designed to get our responders to their apparatus and on to their response route as quickly as possible in a faster and safer way than we are today. That’s going to be shaving off response times from the many thousands of emergency incidents we respond to from this station for many decades to come.”

McGee also thanked the Board of County Supervisors for their “unwavering support” that made the station possible.

“I frankly could not be prouder than I am today in knowing that we all live and work in a community that is making this kind of investment into making our community – not just as safe as it can be – but truly as great as it can be,” said Nohe.

The occupation date for the station, which is expected to cost $7.4 million and is being funded through the fire levy, is scheduled for December 2018.


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