Halloween Safety Month

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Provided by Prince William County

While Halloween falls on Oct. 31, the whole month is set aside as Halloween Safety Month to remind people to stay safe when they’re out trick or treating.

Children love the candy and costumes Halloween brings, but they are the most at risk during the holiday since it is twice as likely for children to be hit by a car on Halloween compared to any other night of the year, according to mayoclinic.org. Dressing children in brightly colored costumes with reflective tape can make them more easily seen. Have children carry glow sticks so drivers can easily see them.

It is also important to make sure children can see cars, so skip the masks that can obstruct a child’s view. Use face makeup instead. Inspect treats before allowing children to eat them. Look for torn or unsealed packaging and discard anything that looks suspicious.

Parents can get in on the fun by accompanying children younger than 12. Plan familiar routes and set curfews for children who are going out without an adult. Encourage children to go out in groups. Have children carry cell phones and avoid unlit houses. Warn children to never go inside houses or cars to get a treat.

Parents who are giving out treats should clean up hazards in their yards such as toys, bikes, and garden hoses, turn on the lights, control pets that night be alarmed by trick or treaters, consider sugar substitutes, and stay alert for any hazards.


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