Haunted Trail BREAKOUT! at the Workhouse Arts Center

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Provided by Workhouse Arts Center

The all-new Haunted Trail 2019 – BREAKOUT! – runs each weekend during October and on Halloween night at the Workhouse Arts Center (9518 Workhouse Way, Lorton), from Oct. 4 through 31.

A significant swell of community involvement makes this event one-of-a-kind. Hundreds of dedicated Scare Actors, Make-up Artists, and volunteers from across the region provide thrill-seekers a unique and frightening story-based experience about prisoners, guards, insane clowns, and jail cells.

Screams will echo across the 55-acre historic Workhouse campus, built on the grounds of the abandoned and notorious D.C. Department of Corrections Lorton Reformatory. Our frightmasters will debut a fully redesigned Haunted Trail with spectacular effects designed to bring our guests’ darkest fears and nightmares to life.

While you await entry to the Haunted Trail, settle your fear by joining us in the Historic Ballfield for classic Halloween movies and our ghostly bar for drinks and snacks. Watch for your number on the screen – no waiting in line.

New this year, a storyline has been crafted that carries guests through the Trail, built on a prison BREAKOUT theme with inmates running out of control through the woods and around the prison grounds (including through the only building on campus that still has jail cells), guards trying to capture them, and an army of terrifying clowns attempting to take over the prison. Look out! You might be a target along the way!

Each year, hundreds of people work as trail builders, set designers, ticketing staff, make-up artists, and scare actors to deliver 13 scary nights of fright to thousands of visitors from across the region. The Workhouse Arts Center, centered on community engagement in the arts and history, provides positive opportunities to bond over costumes, acting techniques, and the artistry of creating ghastly make-up. “Our Haunted Trail event is a remarkable tie to our mission. We are impressed every year by a veritable army of young people who join us to work the event. They develop a tight-knit community of their own as they dive into the season,” says Ava Spece, President and CEO of the Workhouse.

The arts are often an equalizer for young people and many of those who participate look forward to this engagement each year. Everyone, especially young people, needs a place to belong and feel accomplished, and for many that can be found in arts activities. Caroline Blanco, Vice Chairperson of the Workhouse Board of Directors, said, “Positive engagement in the Workhouse’s Haunted Trail has truly been a very important experience for these young people. It has given real meaning and purpose to their lives as they traverse what can be trying teenage years.”

For more information on tickets ($20 each) and opportunities for those 16 years and older to serve as scare actors, make-up artists, and ticketing staff, please visit us online.


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