Have a Sustainable 4th of July Holiday Weekend!

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Provided by Keep Prince William Beautiful

Keep Prince William Beautiful would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July holiday and weekend.  As you enjoy friends, family, and fireworks, please consider celebrating as sustainable as possible!

Five Tips for a Great Celebration

1. Recycle. Have a separate bin for recyclables to ensure they do not end up in the regular trash bin.  If you are out, bring a bag with you to take out the recyclables you bring in.
2. Reuse. If you are heading out for a picnic, bring reusable plates, utensils, and cups.  Having people over?  Grab some plates and utensils from a second hand store that can be washed and reused for other parties.
3. Refuse. Eating out is always a fun way to spend time off.  Make sure to tell your waiter or waitress that you don’t want a straw.  If you order out to eat at home, tell the person taking your order you don’t need plastic utensils or Styrofoam plates.
4. Cleanup.  Make it a family affair!  Bring trash bags with you on your land or water adventures to (safely!) collect trash.  Every little bits helps!
5. Skip the Plastic.  If you can avoid it, do not use plastic!  While it can usually be recycled, it requires energy to do so.  Choose glass or aluminum, which can be reused or infinitely recycled, respectively.


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