High School Students Needed for November 2016 General Election

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Provided by PWCVotes.com


The Prince William County Office of Elections is currently seeking motivated high school students to become actively involved in the democratic process. Student volunteers are needed to support the electoral process by working in the polling places as Election Pages for the November 8, 2016 General Election.

In 2000 The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia enacted legislation (Va. Code § 24.2-604H). This provided local electoral boards and school authorities the ability to establish a program for high school students which is “designed to stimulate the students’ interest in elections and registering to vote, provide assistance to the officers of election, and ensure the safe entry and exit of elderly and disabled voters from the polling place.”

This year, the Prince William County Electoral Board invites high school government OR bilingual Spanish students who are at least 16 years of age and enrolled in a high school Spanish class or the Spanish Honor Society (not required for native Spanish speakers) to participate in the Electoral Page Program. This program is open to students in any Prince William County Public School, private schools located in Prince William County and all home schooled students who reside in Prince William County. Students may serve as Election Pages or, if eligible, Election Officers. The individual schools/teachers will determine what participation credits or volunteer hours the students may be awarded.

All students must submit an application and be approved by their instructor. After being selected, students will receive training, either online or in person, and then assigned to a polling place near their home. Students who are 18 years old and registered to vote may be offered the opportunity to serve as an Election Officer.

Students are encouraged to apply online at svy.mk/2bIpyQC. Students without access to the internet may request an application from the Office of Elections or their high school teacher. The application will be open until Friday, September 30, 2016. Applicant eligibility will be confirmed with their High School instructors.

For more information on Prince William County Office of Elections services and election news, visit our new website at PWCVOTES.com, join our Facebook page at facebook.com/PWCVotes, or text PWCVOTES to 94253 to subscribe to our voter information broadcast.


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