High School Volunteer Raises Money for Northern Virginia Veterans Association

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Provided by Northern Virginia Veterans Association

Northern Virginia Veterans Association volunteer Izabelle McReynolds is running a fundraiser at her high school in Woodbridge. Her motivation for the fundraiser comes from her own grandparents, who are Vietnam War veterans.

McReynolds is a senior at C.D. Hylton High School, with hopes of attending the University of Virginia to major in Computer Science.  She says, “I hope this fundraiser is not just a way to gather funds for our veterans in need. I hope it helps educate my classmates about the struggles a large portion of our veterans face after they come back from serving our country and keeping us safe.” Since her grandparents and many of her friends’ family members are veterans, she understands how important it is to take care of our veterans. Her grandfather was a soldier who worked in intelligence and her grandmother was a nurse, both of whom served during the Vietnam War.

McReynolds’s classmates have been accepting of her efforts.   “I’m not sure about how much money we can raise, but my classmates have been very supportive upon hearing NOVA Veterans message and mission.”

The Northern Virginia Veterans Association is a one-stop nonprofit that at no cost guides our most vulnerable veterans (elderly, low income, health challenged, verge of hopelessness) to local community resources. Resources include veterans’ benefits, healthcare, food, transportation, housing, employment, legal aid and more, in efforts to improve their quality of life. We collaborate with multiple community partners to efficiently provide caring comprehensive personal support. Our Support Specialists case manage, advocate and follow up in order to relieve frustration and confusion and ensure our veterans receive the support and respect they have earned and deserve.

For more information, please visit novavets.org. Ongoing news and updates are posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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