HOA Police

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City of Manassas, VA . . . Recently, residents of the City of Manassas have had some questions regarding “HOA (Homeowners Association) Police.”  HOA Police are independent contractors certified through the Circuit Court as a Conservator of the Peace pursuant to 19.2-13 of the Code of Virginia.  These agencies are not affiliated with the City of Manassas local government, police, or any political subdivision thereof.  An HOA Police agency is a private service contracted and funded by HOAs to provide additional security and investigative services.

The City of Manassas Police Department works with HOAs and non-HOA residents to promote safe communities through exceptional policing, community outreach and educational opportunities.  The City of Manassas Neighborhood Services division has a long-standing history of cooperation and partnerships working to improve and work with neighborhoods and homeowners associations.

Residents who witness a crime or are the victim of a crime in the City of Manassas should call 9-1-1.  To report other violations, such as vandalism or graffiti, please call the Police non-emergency number, 703-257-8000.



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