Holiday Décor to Match Your Style

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By Jorge de Villasante

Could your living room or kitchen use a little cozying up for the holidays? Small, simple changes could brighten your rooms and bring warmth, inspiration, and comfort. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, creating a cohesive space and matching holiday accessories to your indoor space is essential. There are lots of styles to choose from when decorating for the holidays — think urban, country, rustic and, of course,
traditional décor.

Urban Metals

Urban décor can include incorporating a modern cornucopia made of an aluminum window screen instead of the customary straw decoration. Try simple, silver candlesticks rather than ornate ones, as they would match metals such as silver, brushed nickel, iron, and stainless steel. The silver candlesticks would also complement trendy, pale grays. And remember, urban décor calls for minimalism, so don’t overdo it.

Country Charm

Since country-style decoration refers to a rural, simple design, think about decorations that would suit a farmhouse or even a log cabin during the holidays. If you prefer a country holiday look, there are several colors and decorations that would harmonize your space. Try green and/or red plaids, as well as decorations such as magnolia wreaths, wicker, and sponged clay pottery. In addition, pumpkins, bowls of gourds, and a corn husk hanging on a door enhance the country look. Finally, incorporate pinecones from the yard in your holiday decorations and spice them up with a few drops of cinnamon oil.

Rustic Warmth

For a fashionable yet casual rustic look, include earth tones, rich woods, and splashes of brick red. Enhance the ambiance with ornaments made of natural materials or raffia garland. To create a warm glow, string your tree with white and gold lights.

Remember, the rustic look calls for a glowing atmosphere rather than a shiny one. Hanging cable-knit socks on the mantle will create cozy luxury. In addition, wrap gifts in brown paper, and add splashes of color with ribbons that match your space. Lastly, visit a local artisan shop that sells handmade decorations like pottery, vintage hardcover books, woven blankets and more.

Traditional Flavors

Finally, don’t forget traditional decorations. Decorating traditionally includes items such as evergreen wreaths during the winter and candles in seasonal colors. Remember that when decorating in the traditional style, symmetry is key. For example, if you have three candles on one side of a coffee
table, buffet or mantle, make sure you have another three on the opposite side for balance.

The traditional décor colors reflect each season, so for autumn, the classic colors include reds, oranges, golden shades, and browns. These colors mirror the colors displayed in nature during the autumn. For winter, think of snow and Christmas. Reds, whites, and greens are the most typical winter and yuletide shades. Keeping the holiday colors in mind, display a decorative bowl of seasonal fruits to add color to the room. Pomegranates have traditionally been a symbol of prosperity. Along with pinecones, pheasant feathers, and magnolia leaves, they make a wonderful, natural garland to display on your mantel.

Whichever style you choose, decorating your space for the holidays is sure to brighten and make your home feel warm and inviting.

Jorge de Villasante is a multilingual writer and translator who enjoys traveling as much as he enjoys his home and caring for his two cats.


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