Holidays Impact Recycling

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Provided by Prince William County

During the holidays, people tend to create more waste. From cardboard boxes and other paper, to food and drink containers, many of these items can and should go in a recycling bin.

In March 2019, Prince William County revised the list of items required for recycling. Residents are asked to only recycle #1 and #2 plastic bottles, jugs and jars, and not to place glass in the regular recycling bin.
Residents can bring glass containers to the Prince William County Landfill or Balls Ford Road Compost Facility’s purple bins, which are designated for glass recycling. Residents can also place glass in the regular household trash, along with any plastics labeled #3-#7.
Good news! Prince William County increased its recycling rate to 38.2 percent for 2019. This is almost a 5 percent increase from 2018. The recycling rate is a measure of the materials diverted for reuse, recycling or composting from the waste stream, compared to materials that go into to the trash.
Most of the County’s regular trash is buried in the County’s sanitary landfill in Dumfries. Items diverted for recycling and composting are sorted, processed and converted into materials, which can be returned to commercial enterprise to produce new products.
The best strategy is to reduce holiday waste or not create it at all. However, recycling the required items in the proper places, helps extend the useful life of the Prince William County Landfill, and that is something to celebrate!
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