Home Décor Planning: Transitioning to Spring

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By Jorge de Villasante

As the days get longer, the weather warmer, and the landscape slowly changes from brown and bleak to
colorful, there is a sense of anticipation for longer, sunnier days. It’s been a long winter, and we all may be yearning for a change in season. Spring signifies life, and the rebirth of nature is everywhere you look. It’s not too early to anticipate the change. Start planning how you will leave the cold days behind by doing some simple spring redecorating in your home.

Refresh and Renew with Spring Colors

After a long winter, incorporating fresh spring colors can refresh your home. Pale blues, light purples, shades of yellow, light greens, shades of pink and white reflect the freshness and newness of spring. Let the colors mirror spring blooms, and have it pop in your home on pillows, lighter weight throws, fresh wall hangings and sit arounds.

Switch it Out: Simple Spring Décor

Think of decorating your coffee or kitchen table with spring-colored runners, knicks-knacks, a fresh tablecloth or new placemats to brighten up your space. Changing out decorative couch pillows is another easy way of incorporating spring colors to your home. A pastel-hued shower curtain can signal the change of season in your bathrooms. And in your bedroom, change the heavy winter comforter and pillowcases to lighter ones with spring shades.

Add Flowers and Greenery

Bring the signs of the season inside by placing fresh-cut flowers and greenery around the house. Not only are fresh, colorful flowers and greenery visually appealing, they also bring a fresh spring scent. A bouquet of flowers placed in a vase in the kitchen or living room livens up the area with the colors and aroma. Don’t forget to include sprigs or flowering branches for a pop of color. These could be cleverly placed in mason jars or watering cans. Add greenery to reflect the season with a lemongrass or wheat grass centerpiece. Visit your local greenhouse for new colorful plants like geraniums and daisies, which can be used indoors, in window boxes or in your garden.

Try Fresh Scents

To add more fresh spring aromas, candles will do the trick. Try scents like honeysuckle, lilac, roses, gardenia, lemon or raspberry. Retailers usually have a wide selection of spring scents available. You can also try essential oils. Aromatherapy oils, which come from flowers, trees and herbs, are said to promote physical and psychological well-being. Put the oil in a diffuser to consistently spread the scent around your space for long periods of time. Spring oil scents, similar to candle fragrances, include lavender, rose, geranium, lemon, lime and orange. You can even buy blends of several scents or mix your own.

Get Creative with Spring Crafts

For those who dabble in arts and crafts, there are many ways to bring spring into your home. Whether you make a new wreath, decorate candle holders, make baskets or wall decor, now is the perfect time to start creating. A few minutes on Pinterest can provide a full list of inspiration for your space, or check out class offerings at your local craft stores.

Now that the short, dark days are leaving us and nature promises to come back to life, it’s time to think spring. Welcome the season of rebirth and freshness into your home.

Jorge de Villasante is a multilingual writer and translator who enjoys traveling as much as he enjoys his home and caring for his two cats.


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