Home Entertaining with IKEA: Three Products, Three Ways

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Provided by IKEA

IKEA understands that the home is the place where you enjoy your most special moments with friends and family – and the first few weeks of the year offer several opportunities to gather together in the living room to watch TV and enjoy time together.

Whether you’re having a party for the big game, preparing a Valentine’s Day dinner / movie date night or hosting an award show viewing party with friends, IKEA offers a variety of well-designed, multi-functional products that can help make home entertaining easier than ever – no matter your budget.

Here are three products, three ways – meaning three product ideas, and three different ways to use them – to help make every moment count.

1. RÅSKOG Utility Cart  

  • Serving Space: Stocking the RÅSKOG cart with snacks and refreshments is a great way to make sure you catch every play of the game. Place the cart close to the couch and away from the TV to avoid blocking the game-day view.
  • Bar Cart: The RÅSKOG makes for a chic bar cart when outfitted with glassware and beverages. Give your guests the red-carpet treatment by bringing the bar straight to them – garnishes and all!
  • Movable Dining: For date night at home, the RÅSKOG cart is a convenient way to bring food from the kitchen to the living room so you can enjoy dinner and a movie.

2. KORKEN Jar with Lid


  • Easy Serving & Storage: As the pro game-day host, you’ll have plenty of food to feed your guests and then some. The KORKEN jar is a spill-proof way to serve refreshments and easily share left overs with your guests. The transparent jar makes it easy for guests to find what they are looking for, and the airtight seal helps food retain its flavor and aroma long after your gathering has ended.
  • Party Favors: A KORKEN jar is a thoughtful and easy gift to thank your guests for coming and send everyone home feeling like a winner. Fill the glass jar with color coordinated mementos of the day like party favors or treats and a handwritten thank you note.
  • Personal Flair: Glass jars are a simple but sophisticated way to add a romantic touch to any room. Add flowers, personal mementos and photos to the KORKEN jar to create an elegant table display for you and your date to enjoy.



  • Score More Space: With VALLENTUNA, it’s easy to adapt sections to suit your team – no matter the size! Add more space for high-fives and victory dances with the free-standing modules that offers both hidden storage and additional seating.
  • Slumber Party: For those viewing parties that last into the night, the VALLENTUNA turns quickly from a seat to a comfy bed to give your guests the A-list treatment. You’ll even have room to accommodate several friends, next to each other or separated with space in between.
  • Personal Loveseat: Mix it up and take date night outside of the dining room with the VALLENTUNA sofa. Section off a cozy loveseat or split the sofa in two with a table adorned with candles, flowers and a cocktail and you’re set for a comfy evening for two.

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