Home for the Holidays: Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During Winter Break

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By Jennifer Halter

The holiday season is a joyous time of celebrating with family and friends. It’s also a time when kids will be out of school on an extended break, which can sometimes be stressful for parents as they try to keep up with the hustle and bustle while also keeping the kids entertained. Here are a few ideas to help!

Cook Together

Whether it’s baking your favorite cookies and desserts or preparing a dish for the neighborhood potluck, kids will have a blast being able to help in the kitchen while also learning valuable skills. Allow them to help with planning what to prepare by doing research online or by reading through cookbooks. Together, create a shopping list and budget. While prepping and cooking, let the children help with measuring, chopping and mixing, etc. If baking cookies, allow them to channel their artistic side while creating their edible masterpieces.

Watch a Movie

Pick your favorite holiday movie (or two) and have a movie night at home. There are always great movies running on certain television networks, or you can select one from your personal collection. Prepare all of your favorite theater  snacks like popcorn and nachos. You can even go to the dollar store and purchase movie theater-style boxed candy for a special treat. The best part of movie night at home? Everyone can wear their comfy pajamas.

Give Back

It’s always important to teach your children about giving to others. Some great ways to help others during the holidays include:

  • Volunteering at a local food pantry by sorting/shelving donations or serving a meal.
  • Visiting a nursing home and spending time with the residents.
  •  Assembling bags with toiletries and snacks to give to homeless shelters or local outreach groups.
  • Donating old toys, books and clothing to charitable organizations.

No matter how you decide to spend your time during the winter break, make it one full of happiness, joy and great memories that you will look back on for years to come.

Jennifer Halter (jenniferh@macaronikid.com) is the founder of Macaroni Kid in Woodbridge and Gainesville.


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