Home & Hearth January 2013

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Managing the Traffic in Your Home

By Denise Smith of FA Design Build

 If I asked you what area of your home sees the most daily traffic, you would probably guess correctly and say the entrance. Yet most people haven’t given much decorating consideration to this area.

Durability and functionality are the most important factors to consider in areas with lots of activity, but that doesn’t mean you must also sacrifice style. Fingerprints and scuff marks no longer need be a concern; just purchase paint infused with ceramic beads (called microspheres) to enhance “scrubbability.” Or choose beautiful, bold wallpaper in a long-wearing vinyl created for commercial applications. Another excellent option is wainscoting. While today it is used purely as a decorative treatment, centuries ago it was created to protect and insulate fragile plaster walls.

When it comes to function, take steps to control the inevitable clutter. Place deliberate ‘landing strips’ for keys and mail and choose them for their beauty as well as functionality. Fancy iron antique hooks will hold backpacks just as well as the plain plastic variety, and a wooden box bench with a hinged lid makes a great place to hide boots. Also, a large decorative basket with a lid can be a great place to hide those items that never seem to make it to their final destination.

High traffic areas also demand durable flooring materials that stand up to signs of wear. Hard surfaces, such as tile  or wood, will perform better than carpet. If you choose to go the carpet route, vacuum frequently to remove the unseen grit that can cause the abrasion responsible for wearing fiber pile. Placing a doormat outside and sweeping it often also helps to keep grit at bay, keeping the most- visited space in your house looking its best.

Denise Smith is the Design and Sales Consultant of FA Design Build.  She believes every person deserves a timelessly beautiful space, regardless of budget or circumstance, and has the unique ability to discern a customer’s inner design concept and break it down into a workable plan. She can be reached at dsmith@fadesignbuild.com.


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