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Preparing  for Company

By Denise Smith of FA Design Build

 Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the steady progres- sion of holidays and overnight guests. Devoting time beforehand to preparing for company will make entertaining easy and fun. Just a few simple updates and thoughtful touches in the kitchen, guest room and bathroom are all that is needed to make guests feel welcome.

Most of our celebrations center around the feast, with friends and family congregating in the kitchen. While there may not be time for major renovations, which take an average of two months, smaller improvements can be done in time for the holidays. One weekend is all that is needed to freshen things up with a coat of paint and thorough cleaning. Replacing hardware on cabinets and adding a shiny, new faucet can also make a kitchen sparkle.  For a bigger splash, new counters can be purchased and fabricated in as little as four weeks, and updating the flooring or the light fixtures can take even less time.

It’s also easy to create a guest room to rival an upscale hotel. Dress the bed with your very best freshly laundered linens. Have a stack of extra blankets and pillows easily accessible so your guests can feel pampered and comfortable.  Place a tray with a healthy snack and a pitcher of water and a glass on the nightstand. Write the access code to your wireless internet on a pretty piece of stationery and put it on the bed with a small box of sweets.  A vase of flowers on the dresser signals to your guests how much their visit means to you. Dusty, plastic flowers send the opposite message. Make it “real” or don’t do it at all.

The guest bath is just as important. Simple updates such as new tile or plumbing fixtures can be done quickly and within a limited budget. Be sure to supply the guest bath with a tall stack of fresh towels, plenty of soaps and tissue, and a candle and matches so your guests feel at home.

The holidays are about taking time to visit with friends and family. Preparing for their arrival ahead of time will alleviate stress for you and ensure the creation of the happiest of memories.

Denise Smith is a design and sales consultant  for FA Design Build in Woodbridge. She can be reached by email at dsmith@fadesignbuild.com.


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