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World Fusion Meets Suburban Sensibilities

 By Denise Smith of FA Design Build

The design styles of some areas of this country are immedi- ately recognizable. The South has its overstuffed, fringe-adorned, hyper attention to every detail. The West Coast has its light, bright, up-to-the-minute airiness. New Jersey sparkles while the metropolis on the other side of the bay practices restraint.  Prince William can’t deny the traditional influence of the nation’s capital, but in my years of decorating here, I have come to believe we do have our own style.

Prince William’s décor style has been shaped by the travels of its population. The presence of the military is strong, not just because our neighbor, Quantico, is here but because of the many residents who have served. According to the United States Census Bureau, just over 21% of Prince William residents were born in another county.  Whether by choice or a State Department assignment, Prince William homeowners have lived all over the world before becoming lucky enough to reside here and this is reflected in their furniture, artwork and even their choice of construction materials. The effect is so prominent that it would be easy to describe our style as World Fusion. Japanese Tansu cabinets and carved screens are at home in our quintessentially suburban American split-foyer colonials, right next to sturdy shaker oak tables build to survive multiple moves. Glass-front cabinets showcase European pottery.   African art adorns our walls. The influence of Germany is reflected in our preference for dark woods on the floor.

Our style is eclectic, yes, but there are a few defining features.  Prince William residents are not afraid of color. We want color on the wall to remind us of the natural surroundings.   The fascination with white walls and cream carpets ends at the D.C. highrise. We like the blue tones of beautiful beaches, greens reminiscent of forests and the purples and greys of mountain peaks. We select furniture in basic silhouettes in order to better blend with the pieces we have collected and durable enough to suit our busy lifestyle.

While each home design is unique, there are some traits that define our style. And in the case of greater Prince William that style is a reflection of our diversity.

Denise Smith is the Design and Sales Consultant of FA Design Build.  She believes every person deserves a timelessly beautiful space, regardless of budget or circumstance, and has the unique ability to discern a customer’s inner design concept and break it down into a workable plan. She can be reached at dsmith@fadesignbuild.com.


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