Home Sweet….Texas

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Lisa Collins-Haynes

From my past posts, you wouldn’t believe—but yes occasionally I do take a trip that’s not out of the country. Recently I was able to go back home to Dallas and enjoy all the comforts—my family, my childhood bed and of course the food! I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Texas is pretty known for their Tex-Mex and BBQ; and I had my fill of both on my short trip down south. I hit up the Texas State Fair and I also took a different spin this time around and added a gourmet dinner to my itinerary.

The gourmet dinner, hosted by FRANK is an underground private dinner party that is by invitation only. I was lucky enough to score two invites and took my childhood friend Billieandrea. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but we went in with eyes wide open and walked out with bellies completely full. Guests of FRANK meet at an undisclosed location (it’s revealed via email a couple days before the dinner party) to dine on a five course meal prepared by MasterChef Season 2 finalists Ben Starr and Jennie Kelley. FRANK is food—to the point. Visit their website for more details and get on their email list if you plan on visiting Dallas! www.frankunderground.com

Check out my photo gallery, but don’t drool!

A day at the Texas State Fair:

 FRANK Underground


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