Homeschool Football Varsity Team Wins Accolades

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The NVHAA Centurions is a competitive, varsity-level sports program serving the homeschool students of Northern Virginia. They were named 20th in the nation by the United States High School Football Association. The team was also named Most Christ-Like Team in the Eastern Christian Conference, as voted by the ECC Coaches. Head coach Wayne Stillwell said, “We’re really proud of our boys and their hard work. I would say that their character counts more than anything. We’re trying to raise young men of integrity, but we’re also proud of their achievements on the field.”

The Centurions football team will compete in the National Homeschool Football Tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida the week of Nov. 20-24 to finish out their season.  The organization also offers girls’ and boys’ basketball, girls’ volleyball, girls’ cheerleading, boys’ and girls’ track and cross country, and boys’ wrestling for homeschooled students between ages 12 and 18. For more information, visit


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