Is Your Hotel Room Clean Enough?

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Whether they’ve rented a vacation property or a hotel room, the last thing those living in Northern Piedmont want is to check into their summer getaway and realize that that the cleaning crew has also taken a holiday. But a survey from found that nearly 90 percent of respondents said they have been surprised by the lack of cleanliness in a hotel room. Fifty-seven percent found it so bad that they actually changed rooms.

Merry Maids of Prince William, Culpeper and Fauquier Counties has put together the following tips to help your audience rest assured in their rented room. If you’d like more information or would like to speak to a local cleaning expert, I’d be happy to arrange that for you as well.

Let your eyes and nose be your first line of defense: If the superficial rules of cleanliness haven’t been followed, you can be sure the things you can’t see and smell have been neglected as well.

It’s okay to let your neat freak flag fly: As soon as you check into your hotel room or summer rental, break out the sanitizing wipes and hit every surface including the phone, the TV remote, light switches and plates, the doorknob, the drape pulls and the toilet flusher. We promise you will be more comfortable if you do.

Don’t take comfort in the comforter: You can assume the sheets have been washed since the last guest, but even many reputable hotels do not launder bedspreads in between check-ins. Take yours off and lay it on a chair or fold it way down at the foot of the bed.

Fancy-free but not footloose: Even if the cleaning staff laundered the duvet, chances are they didn’t sanitize the carpet since the last guest. Wear shoes, socks or slippers in your hotel room. While you’re at it, consider wearing flip-flops in the shower.

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