House of Mercy Fed 2,350 People This Year Through the First Quarter

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House of Mercy Foot Wash - Photo Courtesy House of Mercy

House of Mercy Foot Wash – Photo Courtesy House of Mercy

MANASSAS, Va. – The House of Mercy, a nonprofit humanitarian organization in Manassas, has fed more than 2,350 people this year through March, according to figures it just released.

Through its Passport to Hope program, the faith-based agency provided food aid to 471 families the first quarter, it reported. The organization provided food to 152 families in January, 172 in February and 147 in March for an average per month of nearly 160 families, or about 785 individuals monthly, according to its report.

“Every family, every individual, we can serve helps not only those in need, but the entire community. We feel blessed to be able to assist in such a crucial way, and we owe it to the generosity of those who have helped make it possible through their support,” said House of Mercy Assistant Director Ann Cimini.

The figures released for the first quarter, however, are below where the organization would like to see them, she said.

“As impressive as these numbers may appear, they’re actually relatively low. We’d like to get them higher and need the community’s help,” Cimini said. “We appreciate all donations, which have a direct impact on how much aid we can provide. The support we receive really does make a difference. We also ask everyone to spread the word that we’re here and willing to help those in need in any way we can.”

Founded in 2005 by the Missionaries of Our Lady of Divine Mercy, the House of Mercy is dedicated to serving families by empowering them to overcome the obstacles of poverty and hunger, she said.

The organization, which is located at 8170 Flannery Court, provides free food and clothing to those in need as well as offers other types of assistance when funds are available, Cimini said. The agency relies on donations, which take a variety of forms, including food, clothing and a wide array of other items, as well as money and time, she said.

“We receive donations from individuals, families, businesses, churches and groups. Through their support, we are able to assist those in need in several ways,” she said. The agency, which includes a donation center, thrift store and food pantry, offers a variety of community programs designed to help improve the quality of life of its clients and others in the area and abroad, she said.

Programs planned for this year include a homeless outreach in the Washington, D.C., area, where the organization has partnered with The Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) to wash the feet of the poor and to also provide clothing, food, water and other items when available, Cimini said. The next event is scheduled May 18 in Washington, D.C., with events slated every other month. The House of Mercy held the program’s first event on Good Friday in D.C.

The organization each November also holds a Campaign to End Hunger volunteer food-packing event, which provides meals to thousands of hungry children in the community and across the globe, Cimini said. The House of Mercy’s Christmas program every December offers free donated toys to the organization’s low-income clients, she added.

Additionally, the agency provides free educational classes. Courses include English as a second language, taught by a certified instructor.

For more information about the House of Mercy, call 703-659-1636 or email


About the House of Mercy

The House of Mercy is a Catholic-based humanitarian nonprofit organization located in Manassas, Va. Founded by the Missionaries of Our Lady of Divine Mercy, the organization is dedicated to serving the poor, marginalized and forgotten by sharing the message of God’s mercy to others and providing food, clothing and other donated items to those in need. The House of Mercy offers a variety of programs to the community.


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