House of Mercy to offer free “Grow Your Vegetable Garden” class

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Provided by House of Mercy

House of Mercy is offering a “Grow Your Garden” class for people who are fed up with the skyrocketing price of fresh produce. Many people think growing their own food is difficult. But by using a few practical skills, it is possible to plant a garden that helps provide your own fresh vegetables. The onetime class will be offered on Tuesday, November 17, from 7-9pm.

Although it may seem odd to attend a class in November about gardening, it is actually the perfect time to begin planning. “Some people who will benefit from this beginner class are urban gardeners, those people who don’t have a yard, or who have a very small yard. By taking advantage of pots and maximizing outdoor space, with a solid plan people can grow a lot of vegetables,” said Ann Cimini, Executive Director of House of Mercy. “People who want to plant their huge backyard with veggies will benefit from this class, too,” added Cimini. “Planning is the first step.”

The added benefits for you and your family are that vegetables from your own garden are higher in nutrients than the ones that have traveled hundreds of miles to get to your grocery store. Having children help with the plants can increase the chance that they will eat more of the produce they have helped to grow. Also, gardening increases physical activity, so it’s a great way to engage the whole family in exercise, and it allows them to take responsibility for the garden. The produce grown in your garden will help promote health, because the vegetables are rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and folate.

When signing up for “Grow Your Garden”, you’ll learn how to grow your own produce and keep the crops coming. You’d be surprised how much these savings add up when you choose to roll up your sleeves, and plant the seed! By holding events that teach practical skills to stretch our dollars further, we can help people survive hard economic times and explain the value of individual decision making.

Enroll at our website, (complete the Contact form) or call 703-659-1636 to enroll. Class size is limited, and we’re providing dinner! For more information about the House of Mercy’s “Grow Your Garden” class, or how to register as a client, or to donate financially, email [email protected] or call 703-659-1636.


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