Housing Quirks – Character or Calamity?

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By Prince William Living

Does your house “have character”? Most homes do, and many times, the homeowner views the quirks that make up that character as charming. But for homebuyers and others, these oddball traits could be perceived as more than just nuisances. One or more could prove to be a deficit or even a danger.

Sticky doors – When the humidity is high, wooden doors can swell and stick. A bit of elbow grease might help unstick the door from the floor, but don’t ignore it, or someone could wind up trapped. While such a situation could be just embarrassing, say for a guest in the bathroom, it could be dangerous in an emergency situation where a quick exit becomes a dire necessity.

Dumbwaiters and laundry chutes – Especially if you have an older home, you may have one or more of these conveniences in the kitchen or bedrooms. While they certainly come in handy even in this day, both can be awfully tempting places for toddlers to explore and children of all ages to hide. Particularly if you have younger children, be sure dumbwaiters are locked and laundry chutes are incapable of being opened. In some cases, this means sealing them entirely.

Odd electrical configurations – Plug in the vacuum and the breaker trips? Flip a switch inside and the porch light flickers? Oddities like these might bring on poltergeist jokes, but they usually are signals of a larger electrical problem. Don’t plan to call in the Ghostbusters someday. Have an electrician come check the problem right away.

Appliance animal noises – Does your refrigerator sound like a bear growling? Does your dishwasher sound like a mewing cat? While these noises might be amusing, appliances are expensive to replace, and the noises could signify a bigger problem, one that could cause a leak or fire. Have quirky appliances repaired right away. And if you do have to replace that banging dryer, be sure to buy a warranty or service plan of some kind.

Toilet troubles – If your toilet runs for hours or periodically won’t flush, you probably want to do everything in your power to fix and repair it before your home becomes a flood zone. Get toilets checked and remedy the quirk, preferably before the water bill comes in or the toilet water rushes out.

Leaky doors and windows – If your windows and doors have gaps and you can feel air rushing in, your dollars spent heating and cooling your home are also rushing out. In worse case instances, cold air can cause pipes to freeze and burst. Consider replacing windows, and make sure your doors have quality seals to keep your utility bills low and temperatures reasonable.

Don’t worry. Fixing problems like these won’t cause your home to lose character. It will increase its comfort, safety and value.

If you want your house to have character, live a full and safe life there long-term. And feel free to decorate. For everything else, call in the experts.


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