Hudson Valley Lighting Introduces New Brand Mitzi

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Hudson Valley Lighting® gets it: Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of good design in their home – and now everyone can.

Inspired by the grandmother of the founder of Hudson Valley Lighting, a painter and antique-finder, Mitzi mixes classic with contemporary, sacrificing no quality along the way. Designed with thoughtful simplicity, each fixture embodies form and function in perfect harmony. Think less clutter and more creativity.

Mitzi is a new tier of product. Designed in the Hudson Valley at the headquarters of Hudson Valley Lighting, these fixtures present captivating minimalist pieces. Hudson Valley Lighting’s roots are simple fixtures with classic lines that serve specific functions. Mitzi is a world away from those fixtures, yet the core of the collection’s focus on details and materials come from a similar place.

As light and contemporary as Mitzi seems, the brand was conceived with the utmost care given to the processes involved and as a result, Mitzi is a rich collection of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, flush mounts and portables. Mitzi was born to enhance everyone’s home or apartment; providing attainable high design.


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