Hulafrog Hops into Greater Manassas-Gainesville Area

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Provided by Hulafrog

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Haymarket, VA. Wondering what to do with the kids this week or upcoming weekend? Look no further. Hulafrog, a national network of local community guides for parents, has launched its latest website for the Greater Manassas-Gainesville area. The site promises moms (and dads, too) a daily dose of the best local activities, destinations, deals and other resources for families.

Hulafrog answers many of the questions parents often ask each other such as “Where can I take my toddler today? What’s the best place for my daughter’s 6th birthday party? Which preschool has the best reviews? or What can my family do this weekend?”

Hulafrog was launched in 2010 by Sherry Lombardi and Kerry Bowbliss, two serial entrepreneur moms out of the NYC area, who desperately needed a better way to keep track of all there was for kids to do in their community. Since then, local Hulafrog sites have been popping up across the country. Each site is run by a mom (the publisher) as a part-time business from home and covers about a dozen towns within a 15-mile radius.

“To have a successful and reliable resource to the community, you must be part of that community. I grew up here. This is my home.” says publisher Lacie Mitchell, a mom of 3, who runs Hulafrog at home in Haymarket, Virginia. “Our site is brand new and already has hundreds of upcoming events and hundreds more businesses– from indoor play centers to kid-friendly restaurants to pediatricians – that matter to moms and dads.”

Hulafrog also has many interactive features that make it even better as time passes and locals use it. All events and businesses can be rated and reviewed by parents. Business owners and event organizers can update their listings and post activities or special offers for families 24 hours a day. Subscribers can also get an “Our Pick” email alert three times per week with one short-but-sweet heads-up about a can’t miss event that parents will want to know about in advance, as well as the popular “Weekend Guide.”

Parents can subscribe for FREE at


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