HV Technologies Celebrates Twenty-Five Years of Keeping the World Safe & Running

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By Wendy Migdal

Say the name “HV Technologies” and it’s highly likely that it doesn’t ring a bell. It’s one of several companies in a light industrial area off the Prince William Parkway, not far from Jiffy Lube Live. But there’s a good chance that in a roundabout, or maybe not so roundabout way, you encountered their work this very day. Have you visited a coffeeshop? The machines there may have been designed and developed somewhere else in the United States or Canada and tested with equipment that came from HV Technologies. Walked past a utility pole lately? The transformer installed by Dominion Energy or by Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative is safely running, possibly due to testing equipment provided by HV Technologies, Inc.

HV Technologies is a family-owned company that is proud to be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded by Alain Bolliger in 1998, the company is a distributor and service center for prominent manufacturers of electrical testing equipment produced in Europe. It’s a niche market, this high voltage testing equipment, as Dominique Bolliger, Vice President of the company and son of Alain, explains. “We are the American face of these companies.”

They also supply EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing equipment for Lockheed Martin here in Prince William, to test their military equipment.  Wondering what that means? It’s easy. Bolliger explains: “All electric products, commercial, industrial, military and aircraft electronics will undergo EMC testing for immunity and emissions. These products must be immune to electrical phenomena occurring in their environment and must not produce unwanted emissions which could interfere with nearby equipment.” Essentially, their testing equipment makes sure your–and the government’s, and many kinds of businesses’–equipment is safe to use and satisfies regulatory requirements.

The company doesn’t just sell high voltage testing equipment from top European manufacturers, it also services that equipment. They also provide consulting and training, and they repair and calibrate much of the equipment so that it doesn’t have to be sent back to the manufacturer. In 2017 and 2018, the company received two of the top certifications in the industry (ISO 9001 and the ISO 17025, in case you were wondering).  And they’re geared toward the future, too. As utility companies switch to green energy, they may switch from AC to DC transmission, and HV Technologies already has the testing equipment for that.

While the company “started as a one-man show,” it has since grown to 14 employees. In the last year, the company has built out its warehouse and service area, and it foresees continued growth in the immediate future. They will likely hire more sales, service, and office personnel.

Interestingly, the family’s origins are also in Europe. Alain Bolliger emigrated from Switzerland in 1981. He began working for one of the companies that is now his supplier. After working his way up, he eventually decided to branch out on his own. His company has been proudly based in Manassas from its beginning, and it has no plans to leave.

And that’s what you didn’t know about the guy next door.


Wendy Migdal is a freelance writer who has lived in the Northern/Central Virginia area since 2000. She has written extensively for The Free Lance-Star and also works for online educational companies. Wendy enjoys traveling around the area to learn about parks, restaurants, attractions, and especially history.



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