HYDRO RELIEF Launched “Mission Phoenix” Recovery, Rebuilding Homes in Puerto Rico

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Provided by HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources

HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources (WCR) is a public charity based in Manassas, specializing in hydro-environmental crises.
After six months of hard work, our teams of HYDRO RELIEF and WCR launched  “MISSION PHOENIX” this week to spearhead the disaster recovery and mass rebuilding of storm-damaged homes in Puerto Rico.

The devastation from Hurricane Maria has left the people of Puerto Rico suffering to survive each day. Their homes were damaged, with many struggling to live in the roofless shell of their homes. It is now over six months since the monster storm, and  more than 20 percent of Puerto Rico’s citizens still have no shelter, power, and clean water.

Our MISSION PHOENIX teams  will repair and rebuild thousands of homes in the hardest-hit communities of Yabucoa, Humacao, and Utuado. It is our goal to rebuild permanent, storm-safe homes.
HYDRO RELIEF has secured prominent Puerto Rican general contractors I G Builders Corp. and  Integra Design Group and  CEO Carlos Purcell  to direct the reconstruction projects.
Home Depot in Merrifield, one of the busiest stores in the nation, is the building supply center for MISSION PHOENIX. This Home Depot is managed by Ms. Alexis Hurley, who is recognized as a top manager in a male-dominated business.
You can view all of our MISSION PHOENIX project from our Go Fund Me Campaign: gofundme.com/ hydromissionphoenix. The Go Fund Me campaign will help to raise the public awareness of the desperate plight of these families, and our important humanitarian mission in Puerto Rico.

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