Hylton High School Dresses Up for Dresscember

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By Gianna Jirak

December is often characterized as a time of holiday cheer and gift giving, but at Hylton High School, December is all about charity.

The Center for International Studies and Languages Program is Hylton High School’s primary specialty program, and for the third year in a row, the program is participating in Dresscember. Dresscember is a yearly fundraiser where student’s wear a dress each day of December to raise awareness about human trafficking, modern day slavery and the effects of fast fashion.

“I feel like this is an important activity for our students to engage in, because it raises engagement and funds to help fight an issue that is extremely relevant throughout the world — human trafficking,” said Hylton vice principal and CISL coordinator Betsy Campagna, “It helps students really understand the impact that their participation in politics, the economy and social media can have.”

This year, about half a dozen CISL students are participating in the fundraiser with the unified goal of raising five-hundred dollars.

“I have been wearing a dress every day of December for the past three years, and it is the best thing,” said Aisha Knotts, a junior at Hylton and a member of the CISL committee. “I love it when people ask me why I wear it and why I’m so devoted. I just tell them I live in an area where human trafficking isn’t the norm. I want others to live in areas as such.”

However, CISL students are far from the only people participating. Hylton students are also finding the initiative to participate in the fundraiser too, creating their own fundraising pages with their own goals.

“I chose to participate in Dresscember, because it is unbelievable how many people don’t know about human trafficking and how much it happens in society,” said Tessa Brown, a Hylton student participating in the fundraiser. “I want people to be aware of the issue, prevent people from becoming victims and help those who already are.”

To learn more about the fundraiser or support Hylton High School in its fundraising efforts, visit dressember2019.org/team/hylton-cisl.




Dresscember, Hylton High School

Hylton High School participates in Dresscember





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