Hypnoconsult, LLC Releases New Program, “Unleashing Your Own Success”

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By Erin Pittman

Sponsored by Hypnoconsult, LLC

Have you ever imagined having a secret key that could unlock all your potential and deliver the success and self-fulfillment you’ve been longing for? Such a key could unleash dreams, enhance satisfaction and give your life the boost you desire.

While not in the traditional metal form, nor requiring turns, this key has been developed by Tim Horn of Hypnoconsult in Manassas through a program that can deliver results.

Tim Horn, Hypnoconsult

Tim Horn

Unleashing Your Own Success Coaching Program

Horn created the Unleashing Your Own Success Coaching Program for anyone looking to gain greater satisfaction from life and for people who are not feeling as contented as they’d like. Through this unique self-improvement program, participants learn to use their minds to maximize their abilities — to set and meet goals and feel happier and more successful.

“Our lives are our perceptions of what’s happening around us,” says Horn. “Take a rainy day, for instance. You could wake up to the dreary drizzle and think how beautiful it’s going to make your flowers and garden look or how wonderful a day it is to curl up with a good book. Or you can see the rain and revel in the misery of not being able to be outside and hating the dampness. You choose how your day is going to be by choosing how you see your circumstances. By controlling your perception, you control your life.”

Is Unleashing Your Own Success for Me?

Horn says the program is not for everyone. It’s specifically developed for:

  • Those feeling blocked or stuck in their business, career or life
  • Professionals looking for direction
  • Those who feel that life has more to offer them
  • People with goals and dreams in mind and who want a roadmap to achieve them

“We work to remove any personal issues and increase your confidence to succeed while building your successful life,” says Horn.

To maintain the highest level of service and success, Horn limits the program to eight participants at a time. This ensures extensive, personal support and attention for each enrollee.

What Does the Unleashing Your Own Success Coaching Program Include?

Horn says the program is meant to be comprehensive and targeted to the individual. Participants benefit from:

  • A personalized twelve-week program including one-on-one personal and business coaching from Horn himself
  • A list of expert resources in video, e-book, MP3 and text formats, including proven business tools and techniques
  • Support via email and text seven days a week

Participants are already raving about the success of this coaching program. One registered nurse says she’s seen so many professionals help people in amazing ways but is blown away by the success of this particular program. It’s unique – Horn integrates elements of hypnosis to maximize the ability of the mind to attract success like a magnet.

Unleash Your Own Success Today

Horn asks, “Are you ready to stop searching for direction and instead live the life you want? Learn just how powerful your mind is with this program. It’s time to achieve the success you deserve — in business, family matters and relationships.”

For more information, call 703-969-5791 or email [email protected].


From dynamic teaching at every level to innovative workshops for businesses and organizations, to advanced education and one-on-one support using hypnotherapy, Tim Horn of Hypnoconsult in Manassas, Virginia applies the mind sciences to help people overcome challenges and reach goals — even ones they thought were unattainable.

Tim teaches clients in Northern Virginia and throughout the world to maximize the potential of the mind, to live with fewer barriers and help children do the same, improving their education while enhancing the experience of parental involvement.

Tim’s extensive education and experience in teaching, hypnotherapy, the arts and entrepreneurship provide him with powerful and unique tools to help others overcome challenges, break through barriers and reach goals they never thought possible. Contact Tim today for a free consultation. [email protected]


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