I-66 Inside the Beltway Express Lanes to Open Dec. 4

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Provided by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) announced that the express lanes on I-66 from I-495 to U.S. Route 29 in Rosslyn are scheduled to “go live” on Monday morning, Dec. 4. During weekday rush hours, single-occupant drivers will have a new option to use this stretch of I-66 by paying a toll, while vehicles with two or more people can continue to use the lanes for free.
All vehicles traveling during these periods will need an E-ZPass transponder, and HOV-2+ vehicles will need an E-ZPass Flex transponder switched to HOV-mode to travel for free. The new Express Lanes on I-66 Inside the Beltway will be effective from 5:30 a. m. to 9:30 a. m. eastbound and from 3:00 to 7:00 p. m. westbound, Monday through Friday.
Current exemptions for vehicles traveling to and from Dulles International Airport and Clean Special Fuel License Plate vehicles (hybrids) will no longer be in effect. The lanes will remain free to all users during off-peak periods, including weekends.
VDOT crews and safety service patrols will be deployed along the I-66 Corridor during the express lanes’ initial launch to monitor traffic conditions, report any problems, and clear incidents swiftly. Major arterial routes including Route 50 and Route 29 (Lee Highway) also will be monitored. Drivers are asked to plan ahead and be patient during the coming weeks as traffic and toll-pricing patterns are established.
The I-66 Inside the Beltway Express Lanes – the nation’s first peak-period, all lanes, dynamically-tolled roadway – are designed to offer new travel choices that move more people on I-66 with greater speed and reliability. Toll prices will change based on real-time traffic volumes in order to manage demand for the lanes and keep traffic moving.
How Drivers Can Prepare:
  • Get an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex: All drivers on this section of I-66 during designated express lane hours must have an E-ZPass if driving alone, or an E-ZPass Flex if traveling toll-free as HOV-2+.

E-ZPass transponders can be obtained in Virginia at ezpassva.com/, by calling 877-762-7824, or by visiting your nearest E-ZPass Service Center or select retail locations. 

Drivers can also obtain an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex this weekend (Saturday, Dec. 2 and Sunday, Dec. 3 between 10:00 a. m. and 12:00 midnight) at VDOT’s Northern Virginia District Building, 4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax.

  • Plan ahead and know your travel options: I-66 drivers are advised to plan ahead for their commutes as the region adjusts to new rules of the road. Consider carpooling or taking a bus. Visit CommuterConnections.org for information on all local commuting options. Also visit I-66 Commuter Choice to learn about new multimodal options in the I-66 Corridor.
  • Download the app: Beginning Friday night, download the 66 Express Lanes mobile app or visit 66expresslanes.org for current toll price estimates, and in the future, historical toll rates, to help plan your commute and decide whether to use the Express Lanes.
To prepare for the express lanes’ opening, crews will be working this weekend to complete remaining on-road work including the removal of old signs, and unveiling of new signs. Drivers should expect lane and ramp closures on I-66 between I-495 and Route 29 in Rosslyn during nighttime hours on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as during the days on Saturday and Sunday. More than 125 new signs were installed along the corridor and must be uncovered before Monday morning including electronic signs that provide current toll prices at each entry point.
Visit 66ExpressLanes.org for more information.

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