Imagine Celebrates 20 Years

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Photos by Tavan Smith

Imagine, a local destination marketing agency, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding on May 24, 2024. Imagine was founded by the late Patrick King in 2004.

The Imagine 20th Anniversary event was a testament to Imagine’s legacy and impact on the community. Since its inception, Imagine has been a beacon of artistic expression, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Rebecca Barnes, CEO of Imagine (and fiance to the late Patrick King), speaks at the event,

As part of this milestone celebration, Sinistral Brewing in Historic Downtown Manassas, where the anniversary event was held, introduced a special brew: Imagine Better—The King’s Stout, a Barrel-Aged Russian Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Barrels, dedicated to the memory of Patrick King.

This brew is available for purchase exclusively at Sinistral Brewing. Blaine Perry, Sinistral owner, announced that 100% of the sale of the bottles would go to the Patrick King Arts Student Scholarship, supporting its ongoing mission to inspire and empower students interested in entering a career in the arts.






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