Improving Veteran Health Care With the Vet Direct Care Program

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Provided by Prince William County

In 2008, the Administration for Community Living and the Department of Health and Human Services partnered with the Veterans Health Administration, who heard the growing demands of veterans who preferred living at home instead of in a nursing home. This collaborative effort resulted in developing the Veteran Directed Care (VDC) Program with the Prince William Area Agency on Aging (Agency) as a partner since 2010, serving veterans in the tri-jurisdictional area.

Since that time, the Agency has played a pivotal leadership role in support of this program in the community. They have been represented at national conferences, trainings and meetings to share and discuss the benefits and importance of VDC. This level of involvement has encouraged other areas that serve veterans to seek out the Agency as a model on how they can develop such a program in their community.
The Agency has proudly served numerous veterans over the years, assisting them with their individually tailored service plan and providing on-going support while enrolled in the program.
What makes the VDC program unique from other home health care programs is the veterans manage their own monthly budget and hire their own care providers, while living in their own home and community. Surveys have confirmed that the opportunity to self-direct and control their own care is a key component of the VDC’s success, but most importantly, it puts veterans at the center of their own care. For more information, call 703-792-6374.

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