Influential Women Awards FAQ

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Check out these questions and answers below!

How do you increase your nominee’s odds of winning

Q. Who should I nominate? 

Women who live in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park and have accomplished specific “quality of life” goals in the last 12 to 24 months, that have improved our community. These goals need to have demonstrable outcomes.  Self-nominations are accepted.  The nominee MUST be aware of and approve their nomination. Multiple nominations DO NOT improve chances of winning.

Q. How do you choose the winners? 

Finalists and winners are selected by a panel of judges made up of prior winners and PW Living staff, based on nomination forms. Judges are seeking an engaging story about a local woman who has a record of demonstrated success in the past 12 to 24 months. If the accomplishments are part of the nominee’s PAID JOB, there has to be an “over and above” factor, something that makes the achievements her own and not part of the expectations of her position.

Q. What is a quality nomination? 

Nominations should be short, outcome-based, and have an engaging and interesting story.  Press releases and website links are welcome but should not be the bulk of the nomination.  Judges are not required to read links or attachments, which should only be used as additional information.

Nominees must live in Prince William, Manassas, or Manassas Park and approve the nomination in order to qualify. Please do not nominate candidates who will be on vacation or have prior commitments during the timeframe of our celebration event. (March)
Nominees must have a history of volunteer work in the community
Current, incoming, or those planning to run for elected office during the calendar year are ineligible. Applicants who were previously elected officials must demonstrate their qualifications outside their accomplishments directly tied to the office they held.

Previous winners cannot be nominated again.

All qualified nominees will be listed on, and the five top entries will be featured in the March issue of Prince William Living magazine. Winners will be selected by a panel of last year’s Influential Women Award winners. WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN BASED ON THE INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THE NOMINATION, THEREFORE, THE QUALITY OF THE APPLICATION IS ESSENTIAL.

Q. Do you have to contact my Nominee?

A. Sorry, but to publicly name your nominee, we need to confirm with them that they accept the nomination, AND

  • Live in Prince William County, Manassas, or Manassas Park
  • Are not an elected official or running for office within the next year
  • Can attend the IWA ceremony in March.

Please confirm BEFORE submitting the application for nomination to help with a smooth process.

Making the Most of the EVENT

Q. If I am a nominee, do I get a free ticket to the event?

To continue the quality of life efforts that we do for our community, we ask that all attendees purchase a ticket. All proceeds go to our non-profit to support the Extraordinary Teens Award and other Give Back Prince William initiatives in our community. Contact Rebecca directly if there is a financial hardship that would prevent a nominee from attending.

Q. What is the dress for the event? What is the agenda?

Influential Women Awards is an after hours business networking event where community changemakers can get to know each other and support one another for their work. So come as you are! It is heavy on the networking and light on the speeches. Food is served buffet style with lots of Hors-d’œuvres, but don’t worry; no one has ever gone away hungry! There is a cash bar available for adult beverages (water and soda are free). Please drink responsibly – we will limit the number of drinks sold, and Rebecca is not above tossing anyone who acts up, so don’t test her. (we aren’t joking)

Q. Can we bring children? Do we have to buy them a ticket?

Children are not recommended at this event because of the networking component. We don’t FORBID children, but we ask that they are well-behaved and that parents who bring children refrain from drinking. We do ask that to respect the spirit of the event (fundraising for our non-profit) that tickets for all attendees are purchased.

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