Inova Hospital Project Earns “Great Team” Subby Award

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Provided by Bion, inc.

Any time a construction project requires various subcontractors to work together, challenges are expected.  There can be miscommunications, unrealistic expectations, culture clashes and difficulties coordinating schedules. That is why the Inova Fairfax Hospital Immediate Needs Project, a complicated infrastructure upgrade with major updates to the mechanical, plumbing, medical gas and electrical systems, stands out. Led by L2 Construction Management Corporation, the project called for the highest levels of collaboration to prevent any interruption to the operating rooms suite. This exceptional feat earned L2, Inova and the subcontractors on the project the Great Team Award during the recent Metro Washington’s American Subcontractor Association Subby Awards.

BION, inc., which served as the mechanical contractor on the project, nominated L2 for the award.

“The logistics of performing this work while keeping the operating suites functional created quite the notable challenge,” said BION CEO Josie Geiger, CHC.  “We attribute the ability to overcome this challenge to the level of involvement and consideration given to everyone on the construction team. The recognition is well-deserved; we are honored to have been able to work with this great team of professionals.”

To illustrate the complexity of the work, Geiger highlighted requirements of the 13-month project, including:

  • Replacement of three medical vacuum pump systems
  • Replacement of the heating water system serving the critical care spaces
  • Providing a new air handling unit serving the lower floor of the Critical Care Wing
  • Providing two chillers to provide sub-cooling for the air handling units (AHU) serving the operating rooms
  • Conversion of an existing AHU to serve as a redundant unit serving the operating room suites

Geiger added that the collaborative culture was enhanced by Inova Health Systems and L2 Construction Management Corporation’s inclusion of the subcontractors and design team in the coordination and planning throughout the entire process. All of the parties had input into the scheduling and methods of construction.

“The level of open and cooperative communication played a significant role in completing this project on time and without disruption to the patients and staff. This was an extremely successful project and the communication across all parties was a rare treat,” said Geiger.

To learn more about the Fairfax Hospital Immediate Needs Project and view photos of the work, visit


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