Planning Office Releases Interactive Chapters of the Adopted 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Provided by Prince William County Communications Office

The Prince William County Planning Office has released interactive chapters of the adopted 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The new website is in a format that streamlines the user experience and offers more user-friendly options. The format allows seamless viewing on all platforms and is ADA compliant. PDFs are still available for viewing and printing, as well.

“Our goal was to make the chapters more engaging and easier to understand for the average user,” said Acting Planning Director David McGettigan. “We hope that by leveraging technology and embracing innovation that we’ve created a way to make the Comprehensive Plan more accessible for everyone.”

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a result of several years of research, public meetings, focus group sessions and various opportunities for input from the community and other internal and external stakeholders. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan serves as a blueprint for the long-range growth, redevelopment and preservation of the county. It articulates the goals and policies for the county to make informed decisions on land use development and public infrastructure investment. The Comprehensive Plan also serves as a reflection of community values and a vision to express what residents and businesses believe is needed to create a sustainable community that offers a great quality of life and desirable place to live.

The interactive chapters of the adopted 2040 Comprehensive Plan can be found at


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