ISOThrive and George Mason University Establish Collaborative Relationship

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Contributed by Prince William County

To advance research on the health of the microbiome 

San Francisco, CA – (Business Wire) – ISOThrive LLC ( announced that the company has established a collaborative research relationship with George Mason University’s Manassas, VA campus in Prince William County. The collaboration will initially focus on the effect of ISOThrive’s products on feeding and improving the overall health of the human microbiome.

As a species, we have just begun to recognize the importance of the microbiome (the community of microorganisms that live in and on our body) to assist us in achieving optimal health and well-being. In your body there are thousands of beneficial bacteria that support optimal health.

“Pat Gillevet and his team are doing pioneering work at GMU in the area of understanding the diversity of the human microbiome using state of the art DNA sequencing techniques”, said Jack Oswald, CEO of ISOThrive, LLC. “The work we have planned will help us show the positive effects that ISOThrive’s products have on keeping the microbiome healthy.”

Our traditional food supply has always been a combined source of nutrition: food for us and food for the microbiome. In our industrialized society, during the past 50-100 years the human diet has drastically changed from one of whole, natural and raw foods typically cooked at home, to an emphasis on highly processed, refined foods, often eaten on the run. As a result, our microbiome is not getting the nutrients it needs to ensure the beneficial bacteria grow and thrive.

“While adding more bacteria to your system (yogurt, probiotics) may be helpful, what’s more important is feeding the ones you already have so they thrive”, said Pat Gillevet, Professor and Director of the Microbiome Analysis Center at George Mason University. “When the natural ecology of the microbiome is restored, it has a positive effect on your digestive system and is beneficial for optimum health and wellness.”


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