It’s Mardi Gras – Time to Get Your King Cake

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Provided by Cakes by Happy Eatery

What is Mardi Gras?

When one thinks Mardi Gras, they associate New Orleans, over-the-top parades, and the throwing of the memorable colorful beads.

New Orleans is influenced by the French culture and Mardi Gras was introduced by the French Catholics. Mardi Gras translates to “Fat Tuesday” in French and known as “Shrove Tuesday” in English. Fat Tuesday marks the last day before the period of Lent, when many Christians traditionally fast or give up something
leading up to Easter.

This year, Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, March 1.

Religious or not, people who attend Mardi Gras are there to party.

For the weeks leading to Fat Tuesday, there are many celebrations that involve parades, dancing, music and an abundance of food. Around the world, there are varying versions of the iconic Mardi Gras dessert: King Cake.

What is a King Cake in the U.S.?

King Cake is a cinnamon roll style bread that is twisted into a ring (like a crown). It is then coated in white sugar icing and adorned with the iconic festival colors of purple, green, and gold, representing, justice, faith, and power, respectively.

Traditionally, a small plastic baby is hidden inside of the King Cake. The baby symbolizes luck and prosperity. The lucky person that finds the baby is designated to buy a King Cake for the next Mardi Gras celebration. The baby is a non-edible token.

What is the tossing of the beads?

Mardi Gras is full of traditions. One of them are the iconic purple/green/gold beads that are tossed from the parade floats. Historically, it represented the Carnival kings throwing gems and jewelries to their “loyal subjects”. Now it is a souvenir to be caught. Some beads are ornate and incorporates a Jester, mask
medallions, or fleur-de-lis pattern. At the end of all the celebration, there may be a couple pounds of beads on one’s neck.

Cakes By Happy Eatery in Manassas is a bakery for all seasons, and Mardi Gras is part of that to be sure!


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