It’s Not Woo-woo, It’s Science: Hypnosis Helps

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Provided by Tim Horn, Hypnoconsult, LLC

It used to be when anyone heard the word “hypnosis,” they pictured the swaying pocket watch and imagined the subject under the command of the hypnotist, maybe even clucking like a chicken. Today, hypnosis has become much more mainstream and has earned its rightful place as effective, efficient  method for overcoming the everyday obstacles life offers.

What Happens During Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapists aren’t practicing some unknown kind of voodoo. In fact, while hypnotized, patients simply feel extremely relaxed, as if the stress is melting away. It’s in this relaxed condition that our state of consciousness shifts. The analytical, literal part of the brain is moved to the side, while the emotional and habit-based side of the brain’s awareness is heightened. This allows the foundational subconscious mind to emerge.

Why is this important? Our instincts and deeper programming exist in our subconscious mind. Tapping into this area allows us to affect deep change in behaviors and beliefs that result in changes in our day to day lives.

How Is Hypnosis Helpful?

Hypnotherapy has been proven successful with a variety of life’s challenges.

  • Weight loss – In these sessions, the client is empowered to maximize their enjoyment of healthier, better foods giving them a feeling of fullness after they eat an appropriate amount. Eating less causing steady, safe results and lessens cravings.
  • Quit smoking – Hypnotherapy sessions for smoking cessation reprogram the brain to understand the true nature of smoking. You’ll eliminate the links to the habit, re-establish yourself as a nonsmoker and end your connection to tobacco as part of your life.
  • Stress relief – Hypnosis provides incredible stress relief. Sessions recondition the subconscious to recognize stress, develop an understanding of the true underlying issues and redirect the subconscious to a plan of attack. Patients leave feeling relaxed and empowered.
  • Study habits – Many students need a boost in confidence and a reduction in anxiety in order to perform at their best. Hypnosis can tap into the power of your brain, reduce test and quiz anxiety, create triggers to maximize relaxation in school, increase the capacity to recall information and improve your ability to focus in all areas of life.
  • Sleep improvement – Few things can affect our holistic lives more than lack of sleep. Hypnosis establishes proper sleep patterns, balances the subconscious and conscious minds during sleep, creates positive expectations and potentially reduces dependency on medications.
  • Pain control – Our bodies have natural healing properties that can be tapped into speeding and maximizing the healing process.For pain management, hypnosis helps release the natural healing properties within everyone, prepares the body to deal with medical procedures and eliminates or decreases chronic pain issues.
  • Bruxism – This is the act of grinding your teeth while sleeping. It can lead to sleep issues, TMJ, headaches and damage to the teeth all the way to the root. Hypnotherapy sessions allow you to address the issues causing the tension/teeth grinding and stop the behavior.

These are the most common issues addressed by hypnosis, but don’t rule out its ability to help with additional challenges. A new beginning awaits.

Since 1993, Tim Horn has practiced as a consulting hypnotist in Northern Virginia, where he resides and operates a successful hypnosis and training center. He is the only National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Board Certified and Certified Instructor in Prince William County. A former public school teacher for twenty years as well as an adult educator, Tim works with clients of all ages on weight, stress and pain management, smoking cessation, anxiety, phobias, limiting beliefs and more. He also teaches NGH Certification Classes. Learn how Tim can help you succeed in reaching your personal and/or professional goals. Schedule a free, introductory call now.

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