It’s Time to Start Writing 2017

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By Rebecca Barnes

Ah, January. The first month of the year. The time when we still date paperwork “2016,” still think we are going to accomplish our New Year’s resolutions and when we are focused on our health. Fortunately, we live in a fantastic community for healthcare. Our January feature, “Improved Healthcare Gives Residents a New Option: Stay Near Home” by Joe Lowe, shares the stories of families in our communities who received compassion and vital care for serious health issues. Learn about some of the latest options and choices you have, right in your own backyard.

And while we are talking about your health, would YOU know when you should call a doctor? What about 911? As a member of a local volunteer fire department here in the county, I was embarrassed last spring when I had to call 911 for what appeared to be a cardiac event. I knew that symptoms were different in women than men but if I had passed it off as nothing, I might not have had another chance at making a poor decision. Luckily while it was serious, it wasn’t a heart attack, and was treatable. Will you know when to call? Learn how to “make the call” in our Health & Wellness column.

Growing up the daughter of an airline mechanic, I always knew that it was a specialized and highly trained field. Today’s cars are no different. No more is auto mechanics just turning a wrench. Sophisticated electronics and computers now run your cars, and just like your laptop, need a skilled workforce to fix them. Enter NVCC’s Automotive Department. In this month’s Lifelong Learning by Kim Howard, CAE, “Seeking Auto Mechanic Recommendations: How NVCC Fulfills a Sophisticated Need”, read about the options students have to enter a growing and necessary field.

If one of your resolutions was to get out into the community more, then check out our community calendar. For even more to do, visit our online events calendar at to learn about what’s happening or submit your own event for online publication. We encourage you to be active and find activities you and your family will enjoy!

Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2017!


Rebecca Barnes, Prince William Living Publisher


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