It’s Winter Preparedness Week

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It’s Winter Preparedness Week


City of Manassas, Virginia . . . . The National Weather Service and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management have set aside Dec. 2 – 8 as Winter Preparedness Week.  In an effort to help residents prepare for this winter, the City of Manassas offers the following safety tips:

• Stock 3-5-days worth of essential supplies. This includes water (one gallon per person per day), required medications and food that is non-perishable. Make sure you have a flashlight, battery powered radio, extra batteries, a first-aid kit, manual can opener and special needs items such as diapers.

• Monitor the temperature of your home. Infants and persons over age 65 are especially susceptible to cold. Dress in several layers to maintain body heat. Covering up with blankets can also conserve heat.

• If your home heating source uses oil or propane, ensure you have a 3-5 day supply.

• Have an alternate heat source, such as a fireplace, space heater or wood stove in case of power failure. Follow manufacturer recommendations for installation and use. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to make certain they are working properly.

• Monitor the local weather forecasts and media reports and become familiar with the warning terminology used.


If a snow storm does occur this winter, the Fire & Rescue Department asks that you please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and homebound; make sure your address is visible for emergency personnel; and clear the area around fire hydrants in your neighborhood.


Stay safe this winter season!  More safety tips are available at


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