Jan. 23 is National Pie Day

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Provided by Prince William County Office of Communication

Celebrate the goodness of a slice apple, strawberry rhubarb, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, Boston cream, lemon merengue, key lime, pumpkin, blueberry or any other kind pie on Jan. 23, because it is National Pie Day.

National Pie Day, created by Charlie Papazian in the 1970s, is such a good day that it is celebrated on Dec. 1 as well as Jan. 23, but Jan. 23 is the more popular of the two pie days.

Ways to celebrate National Pie Day, according to the National Pie Council, include taking a pie to a local police or fire station, taking a pie to work to share with co-workers, inviting people over for pie and coffee, returning a favor with the gift of pie and making a pie with children.

According to nationaltoday.com, evidence of a pie, with flat, round flour cakes filled with honey was found in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharoah Ramesses II. The first recipe for a pumpkin pie appeared in a cookbook in 1675. McDonalds introduced its fried apple pie snack in 1968.

Pumpkin pie tops apple pie as a favorite on Thanksgiving, but apple pie wins out the rest of the year.

While National Pie Day falls in the winter, pie is good in any season.

National Pie Day offers the chance to enjoy pie without feeling guilty since it is sanctioned.


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