John Marshall Bank Gets Small Businesses in Prince William Across the Finish Line

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John Marshall Bank

Provided by John Marshall Bank

In motor racing, the drivers are the star attraction. But every championship and race winning driver is backed by a fast, fuel injected car, a rock-solid pit crew, and expert strategists to get them from start to finish to victory lap. As a small business owner, you are the driver of your own business and finding the right combination of fuel, support, and strategy is the key to success and in Prince William, there’s no better place to look than John Marshall Bank.

By partnering with the US Small Business Administration (SBA), John Marshall Bank’s dedicated SBA team has a vast yet unique set of skills, knowledge, and resources to get small businesses across their finish lines, wherever it may be, and onto the next race and goal. Through providing fuel in the form of SBA 7(a) loans, consistent support throughout the loan process and business journey, and assistance in business strategy and planning, the JMB SBA team serves as pit crew, strategist, and more, all-in-one.

Getting Fuel Fast with JMB’s Preferred Lender Status

The SBA designates certain financial institutions as Preferred Lenders and John Marshall Bank has received that designation. Preferred Lender status, which is the highest recognition a lender can receive from the SBA, is given to financial institutions that have a proven record of efficiently getting SBA loans across the finish line. 

With the Preferred Lender status, the JMB SBA team has the authority and proven expertise to make loan decisions without direct approval from the SBA. What this means for small business owners in Prince William is that they can gain faster access to funds, the fuel for your business, with a streamlined loan application and approval process. To keep with the racing analogy, it’s like fueling up a car in nine seconds like a NASCAR pit stop, instead of five minutes at the local gas station.

Supporting Small Business in Prince William with Every Lap

It’s not just fuel that the John Marshall Bank SBA team provides when starting and growing small business in Prince William. As a banking partner, JMB has a host of unique accounts and powerful financial technologies to maximize the potential of each and every business that partners with the Bank. 

For small businesses, specifically, the bank utilizes LendUX, which is a platform designed specifically for SBA 7(a) lending that greatly enhances the user experience for the borrower throughout the entire loan process. 

One of the biggest support systems that John Marshall Bank provides to its partners is the consistent availability of its team. When you need to get in contact with John Marshall Bank, you can call or email and start the conversation with someone you have known throughout your banking relationship. It’s this personalized communication and support that sets the Bank apart. The best racing drivers have a pit-crew that they trust and the best small businesses have that same level of trust in John Marshall Bank.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Support and fuel are critically important but you can’t win a championship without the right strategy. Knowing when to take a pit stop and when to push hard is a difference of seconds in racing. Similarly, in keeping pace with the needs of small businesses the John Marshall Bank SBA team has a track record of effective strategic financial planning from operating account opening to financing expansions.

As part of their Preferred Lender status, the JMB team also has resources directly from the SBA, such as educational materials and workshops, to assist small business owners as they run their business after receiving their SBA 7(a) loans. Even if you don’t have a loan, or are focusing on growing instead of opening, or maybe looking at how to properly pass the wheel over to the next generation of your business, John Marshall Bank is there to support you with a winning strategy in record time. 

With John Marshall Bank, small businesses in Prince William have a banking partner that offers a powerful combination of speed, support, and strategy, so they can focus on what they do best: driving their business to success. 

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